Final Summary

I learned there are actually a lot of technology tools that you can use as a student and as a teacher.  This is my first time to see these kinds of technologies that are out there that we can use if we choose to use them.  My pet peeve was using these kinds of technologies that we were asked to use.  I think I know what is out there to use when as a teacher you can use them when you teach students.  I failed to upload the movie maker and I said that I was going to do bannock making but decided to make bread instead.  This was last year that I started teaching myself how to bake bread buns and every time I try it turns out ok then the last time.  Again, it does not hurt to try new things in life.  You will succeed if you do not give up.  When I first started this BofEd program I thought I made a wrong turn somewhere when things were not looking too good for me in my first year.  I believe it does not hurt to start learning these new technologies out there that are being made available as of now and I know new things are being made.  It is up to a person to use these if they are asked to use them.  When I first started a course on Administrative Assistant in Saskatoon, it was all computer work and I always thought that I would break a computer.  That is how afraid I was when I first started.  I succeeded in the course but it took long hours of staying after school and doing the work there.  I will definitely use technology in my classroom if need be.  I would still be learning when I start to teach.  I will learn from my students.  It never hurts to always be open to learn new things.  It does not matter if a child teaches you a thing that you can use.  I always listen to my granddaughters because I do not take them for granted.  I feel children are important and they know things that we do not know.  For using these new technologies, it was time consuming especially my final project.  I was ready to throw up my hands in the air and surrender and say I give up.  I was going to take a risk in not doing my final project if worse comes to the end.  When you have stress, you get sick.  This happens to me when it is the last week, I get sick but try and do my assignments that are due or even study for my final exams.  This has been a long, long journey but I am going to make it on time.  You have to be open to always learn new things in life.  In the long run it will pay off.  This is my second on-line course and I hated my first on-line course.


Module 6-Tech Task #2

I had a hard time with Module 6 even though this is the last module. There were times I got frustrated and wanted to give up. To learn these different kinds of technology that we can use is mind boggling for me. I never knew that there are so many out there that we can use as a student and as a teacher. The Voki was kind of fun where you get to choose the character you are going to use and to voice yourself through that character.

The Technology Integration Matrix is something that I have never heard of before. This kind of reminded me of this online computer class where we practically have to learn by ourselves without the instructor there. The instructor only gives us instructions to follow and that is where we learn things and how the different types of technology that we are asked to use at the Modules we have been given. I will certainly use these various types of technologies that we are learning that we can use when we become teachers.

It is all about the student, we focus on the student rather than the technology. We want to make sure that the student is learning and will know that the student is able to grasp what is being taught. Although it will benefit the teacher to learn the advanced technology that is being made available by the technology world so he could keep up with the fast pacing 21st Century technology that we are in.